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Helps Save Lives!

The LifeCap speaks for you when nobody can! Life-saving Information in an instant. No cell phone reception, satellite or internet is required!

Ready for the experience

Your LifeCap, your Lifeguard!

Fill in your essential information on the LifeSlip provided.

Details on the LifeSlip: Name, Surname, Birth Date, Blood Type, Medical conditions, Alergies, medical Aid details and most importantly your relative/next of kin contact details. We also have your Covid Jab information (new) on this LifeSlip - Simple Ideas Save Lives!.

Roll the LifeSlip up and insert into your LifeCap.

Do not ever take the LifeSlip out! Keep it private and safe till the information is really needed in an emergency.

Your keys go everywhere with you and so will this LifeCap!

In case of an accident, it will be locked to your cars ignition ... easy to find for a paramedic. Unlike your wallet, handbag or cell phone which are generally laying loose and are flung on impact, go missing or get stolen just when they are needed! Information always helps save lives!

Easily Accessible

Easily accessible as it is attached to your car keys, it’s either in your ignition, in your pocket or in your hand. The LifeCap is easily found by a paramedic in most emergency situations where information is so important!

Fast and Simple

Quicker than trying to access information from a cell phone for a paramedic or first responder.

Customer Satisfication
Timeous Delivery
Excellent Support
Professional Workmanship

Critical Information in an Instant!

Attach this LifeCap to the keys you carry around daily, especially your car or bike keys, attach also to house keys school bags and tog bags, it’ll go everywhere with you. This LifeCap is so marketable it will fit in with any corporate function, club or marketing proposal. Suitable for employees, customers, friends and family. “A nice little gift to give”.


Mission Statement

To become a household brand name and for the LifeCap to become a necessity for every South African and human on this earth. We are the “Life-Saving Assistance” market leader! Simple, Smart and Crash-proof! Helping Save Lives is in our daily nature and we’re always in-search of a better future for all.


Instant Info Access

Instant access to critical life-saving information.

Fast and Simple

Quicker than trying to access information from a cell phone.

Custom Design

Durable, strong and crash-proof. Goes everywhere with you! .

Easily Accessible

Easily accessible as it is attached to your car keys.

Locked in your ignition

Locked in your ignition. If in an accident ... easy to find for a paramedic.

Contains a LifeSlip

Contains a LifeSlip which contains all your vital life-saving information.

Call to Action

NB! On your LifeSlip. Please attach/staple A small printed photo of yourself to it.


Be witness to our lifesaving endeavours by going through our gallery which however is not limited to what we have previously done and shared. We offer reliable, comprehensive and quality services at affordable prices. The LifeCap is a quality lifesaving product. Place an order to get your Brand on this lifesavers list.

Our Stock Items

Our commitment to customer service and high product quality sets us far apart from other service providers. We understand how important it is to have a personal health information to take with you to work, school, holiday … And wherever else you may play! Assorted colours available.

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